Our Services

At Fírinn, we provide the following services and have deep knowledge and broad global experience in financial services, products and operations.

We cover most sub-sectors within the Finance Industry in Australasia, including; Investment Fund Managers, Superannuation Funds, Boutiques and Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers, Sovereign Treasuries, Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, and Banks.

Our consultants have a minimum of 20 years genuine industry experience both within the business and successfully applying change to it.

Our Services

Strategy and Transformation

Fírinn executive consultants work together on a peer-to-peer basis with board members, CEOs and executive management teams in a proven, structured approach to deliver a clearly defined, achievable corporate strategy. Core to this process is the identification and agreement of your core business capabilities, undertaking a gap analysis of current and future requirements, including operating models. Key considerations include budgets, risk appetites, time frames, right-sized solutions, future agility, and competing business-as-usual activities.

We partner with you to convert the high level and the abstract into the universally understandable and doable.

Our Services

Advice, Assurance and Recovery

Fírinn executive and senior consultants provide independent program advice and assurance. Fírinn undertakes an independent assessment drawing on deep business change experience to identify areas which may be at risk and ensure that project governance and reporting accurately reflects current status while providing proactive engagement to enable smooth delivery of change objectives. We know the right questions to ask.

Fírinn can provide an independent and holistic review of your business operating model, incorporating operating technology and service providers, business processes, organisation structures and information/data design to ensure that they are all equally optimised for your business requirements and reflect industry best practice.

Fírinn consultants will work with your executive management team and other nominated stakeholders to identify the reason(s) why your change program is at risk or in failure, and offer options, solutions and recommendations as to what is required to de-risk or remedy the program to obtain the desired outcomes.

We know what to look for, we call it out, and swiftly determine collaboratively what needs to change.

Our Services

Program Delivery and Change Management

Where required, Fírinn will augment your own business skills and capabilities to accelerate change and leave your business empowered to operate without us moving forward.

Experienced Fírinn program and project managers will lead our senior subject matter experts in working in partnership with your business during the project or change management implementation. Whilst Fírinn will provide advice, solutions and recommendations, the final decisions remain with your business leaders.

We are passionate about our specific approach to assisting with rapid and pragmatic change delivery and believe in demonstrable business results within commercially acceptable timeframes, while anchoring all delivery activity to agreed business imperatives.

Cutting through the noise, delivering measurable results in acceptable timeframes, and empowering our clients.

Our Services

Specialist Professional Services

Fírinn consultants share their global real world experience gained in careers within large, medium and small financial services organisations to arrive at tailored solutions for real business challenges, no matter how complex.

Our business focussed professional services are provided on a needs basis, and cover a broad range of industry specific business capabilities and technical disciplines, as well as operational optimisation services like business process engineering and business intelligence augmentation. We have industry-respected depth in all areas of the transactional lifecycle and core business functions, with most of the team having held ‘head of business’ or specialist senior operational roles for prominent institutions in prior roles.

We speak your language and understand your business disciplines.

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