About Us

At Fírinn we undertake to act in our client’s best interests at all times. We believe that results must speak for themselves, value should be demonstrated, and that mutual trust is the crucial requisite ingredient to a successful partnership.

We don’t shy away from difficult engagements and seemingly intractable challenges. We will work alongside you as a peer in order to provide multiple solution options that will allow you to make informed and optimal decisions for your business.

We always stand by our advice.

Our client business values are as follows:

Authentic “Truth Consulting”
We listen and tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s confronting

We collaborate
We work with you on a peer-to-peer basis

We engage with the intent to leave when the job is done
We provide you with a temporary capability uplift and leave you empowered

We will act in your best interest, free of vendor alliances and misaligned commercial interests

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Key Personnel

Leigh Tyson
Managing Partner

Leigh is a passionate consultant and entrepreneurial ‘big picture’ strategic thinker who is a trusted private advisor to C-Suite within the broad Finance Sector, and has over 26 years of deep global business role and successful operational change experience.

A self-defined consultant, entrepreneur, and part time venture capitalist, with a ‘hands on’ background in all three gives Leigh a unique commercial perspective.

Leigh has an inherent drive and commitment to constantly challenge the status quo, and to work alongside you as a peer, and trusted advisor. He has the energy and skills to break down your strategic challenges and to help you think differently – and see the wood for the trees. Leigh enjoys teaming up with like-minded and bold executives to convert the complex into the simple, and the seemingly intractable into the doable.

If you need a sounding board with an independent confidant, peer advice on how to convert high level strategy into achievable business objectives, informed options on business transformation, optimal operational models, or your business change needs an authentic business expert ‘health check’ – then Leigh thrives on helping to collaborate with you on a pathway to mutual success.

He believes strongly in applying honest ‘old school’ business principles whilst taking a refreshingly innovative, direct and contemporary approach that adds value and leaves you and your business empowered.