Truth leads to trust

This is a Foundation Value for Everything We Do!

What makes us different?What makes us different?

Fírinn is the Gaelic word for Truth

At Fírinn, we do not come with pre-determined solutions and assumptions. We understand each client is unique, so we collaborate with you on a peer-to-peer basis at C-Suite and Senior Management levels across your business. This can be confronting as whilst we listen, we will also tell you truthfully what you need to hear, not what you want to hear – and we ask the challenging questions.

We engage with the intent to leave and act in your best interest, free of vendor alliances or misaligned commercial interests.

We like to challenge the status quo and embrace the art of the possible.

Do any of the following resonate with you….


–  Why should business change be so hard, expensive and complicated?

–  Why should realising objectives or implementing change take so long?

–  Do I challenge the external advice my organisation is receiving and its value?

–  Is your organisation asking itself ‘why not’, or ‘how can we’ enough?

–  What are my alternative options?

–  Are you allowing yourself to constantly improve and learn from your past mistakes by using risk, disruption and agility to your advantage?

Are you facing challenges in your business?Are you facing challenges in your business?

Is your business facing challenges?

If anything about Fírinn’s consulting ethos, or one of these questions is relevant to you or your colleagues then we can help …

Q: The Board and Executive have identified a new corporate strategy. How do I refine and operationalise their vision?

Q: I need to define a business change program. How long? What cost? When will I realise benefits?

Q: My business is rapidly changing. What are my options to manage this? How do I determine an appropriate level of risk?

Q: I have a new change program. Where can I get deep industry based subject matter expertise to provide me with options or independent advice?

Q: I want to apply the latest industry and global trends to my business. What do I need to consider? How do I effectively innovate for the future?

Q:  Is our operating model appropriately optimised to meet strategic business objectives?

Q: I have a major change program at risk. What are my options?

Q: What approach, delivery sequence and milestones should I consider?

Q: I need greater operational efficiency. What are my options for streamlining processes against an appropriate level of operational risk?

Q: What technologies, services or partner options should I consider for my business capability and strategy ?

What do we do?What do we do?

Fírinn Core Services

We are passionate about being authentic. Our ‘old school’ business values of partnership, trust and truth are interwoven with our contemporary and innovative approach.

We only utilise senior consultants who have been in your business shoes before who have successfully solved for the same complex challenges that you are experiencing.

Discover more about our servicesDiscover more about our services